Trip Reports

We have been fishing and will be adding new reports soon!

Mar. 17th, 2012 Juniata River

Today I took John and Randy out for Smallies. We were on the water shortly after daylight and Man the bass were on fire. On the first float they were doubling up on Smallies multiple times. The fishing was great today. I didn’t keep track of numbers but they were easily over 60 bass today with some super nice fish. I have uploaded some photos so check them out.

Good Fishin’,

Mar. 11th, 2012 Juniata River
Bitter Cold Morning, water temp: 44 degrees

Today I was on the water for Smallies. We fished some water I haven’t been in this year yet and did pretty well catching 30 to 40 Smallies with the biggest weighing 4.87lbs. The bass are in the transition period from winter to spring and are very hard to pattern. I am throwing tubes and hair jigs still but catching a few on stickbaits. I have a trip booked 3/17 with John G and a friend for Smallies and will keep you posted.

Tight Lines,

Mar. 10th 2012 Juniata River
Cold in the AM, water temp: 44 degrees

Today I had Frank and his two sons out for the day. We were after Muskies and Smallies and I must say it was my toughest day of guiding. We covered a lot of water and couldn’t put it together. I know things like this happen and there was a lot of good times and stories shared but the fish put it to me today. I know most guides wouldn’t post a bad day of fishing but it is what it is. As a guide, I always try to do my best and put my clients on fish but some days it’s just is not meant to be and this was one of those days. I still learned things and met some great people today and will keep doing my best to put you on fish.

Good Fishin’,

Mar. 5th, 2012 Juniata River
50 degrees, water temp: 45 degrees

Was out for the afternoon for Smallies and did very well. I was again searching for those FAT females and caught some 4 pounders. I have Frank G and his two sons coming this weekend for Bass and Muskies and will be reporting.

Good Fishin’,

Mar. 4th, 2012 Juniata River
45 degrees, water temp: 41 degrees

Today I spent the morning fishing for bass. The bass are becoming more active and starting to move from their winter holes this time of the year. The first fish to leave these winter haunts seem to be those large females. I always spend a lot of my free time scouring miles of river banks looking for these pockets of fish. Today I was only on the water from daylight till 11am but caught some nice fish and located some fish in some new water. I can’t stress the fact enough that a day on the water is never a wasted day even if the fish are not on fire. If you learn a new spot of even just see fish in a spot you never fish, you learned something and will be an asset to you for years to come.

Good Fishin’,

Feb. 26th, 2012 Juniata River
40 degrees, water temp: 40 degrees

Today we were on the water shortly after daylight for FAT Smallies. We fished eight hours and caught 30 to 40 fish with the largest being 3.8 pounds. I was happy with the numbers we produced but the big females just wouldn’t eat today. As the day progressed,  the fish showed a lot more aggression which means only one thing, the fishing is going to get crazy good in the next few weeks as the water continues to warm.

Good Fishin’,
Please practice CPR (catch, picture, release),

Feb. 20th, 2012 Juniata River
47 degrees, water temp: 40 degrees

    I went out for the afternoon looking for fish today. The water is really clearing up and it is a great time to locate Muskies and Walleyes. I did see three Muskies that I didn’t know were there. One of these fish is in the upper 40’s. I spend a lot of time just looking for Muskies, half of catching these fish is knowing where they live.

Good Fishin’,

Feb. 18th, 2012 Juniata River
45 degrees, water temp: 39 degr

    Greg and I went out today for Muskies for a half day. We were on the water at 7 am and fished till 12pm. Today the river was what I call green in color and was it ever a great day! Greg caught the first one by 8am and it was a nice fish. We then moved to another stretch of water and man were they hungry!  On the first float, we caught two more Muskie in the low 30 inch range . We had time for two more floats and caught two more for a total of five by lunch. This was a great day and only happens a few times a year when they seem to want to eat like this.

Tight Lines,

 Feb. 13th, 2012 Juniata River
38 degrees, water temp: 37 degrees

    I went out Bass fishing today. I didn’t fish the pockets hard, but caught  10 to 12 in a few hours with some really heavy smallies. Fishing bass in this cold water takes patience, I can’t stress this enough. Smallmouth will eat artificial all winter long and the opportunity for huge fish is there every time you get on the water this time of the year.


Feb. 4th, 2012 Juniata River
40 degrees, water temp: 38 degrees

    Today we were after the elusive Muskie. Delmar and Marlin came up for a trip. We were on the water at daylight and on a Muskie within ten casts which threw the hook. We fished till dark and hooked three good muskies and some nice Walleyes. The Muskies tore us up and none made it to the boat. The fish were nice fish, in the 40 inch plus range.  And to hook three in one day, That’s a good day. We had fun and I enjoyed the conversations we shared. I have to say, these two fished as hard as I’ve ever seen.

Good Fishin’,


 We are starting 2012 off with good fishing. I have recently got the capability to post fishing reports myself. Last year I had a great deal of trouble having to rely on others to post what I wrote. I will be posting every time I’m out this year so keep up with us on the reports.

Good Fishin’,

Sept 26th, 2011 Susquehanna River
69 degrees, water temp: 61 degrees

    Was on a walleye trip today.  I had a friend of mine, Aaron, and his nephew out. We put on the water around 1pm and fished till dark. The fishing was great, we landed five walleyes but lost fifteen to twenty. They were eating but hard to keep hooked. We ended the night hammering smallies in a foot of water on blades. The bass were stacked like cord wood on the flats and smoking' anything you threw. It was a great night of fishing!!

Good Fishin'
Captain Jason

Sept 23rd, 2011  Juniata River
58 degrees, water temp: 60 degrees

    Fished the upper Juniata today. We were on the water at 7 am and were after smallies. The fishing was hit and miss but we caught 35 smallies with the biggest a solid four pounder, however, the muskies were on fire today! We raised two on spinner-baits and they wanted them bad. The first one chased the blade to the boat and blew it out of the water. The second one hit as soon as the blade hit the water and missed it. On the next cast, he blew up on it again and missed it. I told my angler that we could go after them on another float but he elected to keep on the bass and save the muskies for another day !!

Good Fishin',
Captain Jason

Sept 19th, 2011 Juniata River
80 degrees

    Today I took my wife and daughter out on the river for a boat ride, the leaves are just starting to get pretty and it was a beautiful day , we saw a bald eagle and loads of ducks, I also found some more walleyes today and noticed some bass that were schooled up ,these are all signs of fall, most people are putting  fishing rods away and gearing up for hunting season but the fall and winter offer some of the best fishing opportunity's of the year.

Captain Jason

Sept 18th, 2011 Juniata River
57 degrees, water temp: 66 degrees

    Today I was on my favorite stretch of water to catch BIG smallmouth, the fish were slow at first but as soon as the sun broke thru the fog the fish turned on, we caught good numbers and missed some huge fish ?? we boated some 18 inch fish and caught 50 to 60 smallies all on artificial lures, it is a great time of the year to be on the water.

God bless,
Captain Jason

Sept 16th, 2011 Juniata River
65 degrees, water temp: 65 degrees

    I went out for a scouting trip for walleyes, my wife thought I was crazy because it was raining and chilly but this is the kind of day that can be outstanding for fishing, I pulled up on a couple ledges and started working down thru them, after the 3rd move I got my first walleye and never moved, I fished for a hour and boated six walleyes and lost three, the fish are there so don't let the weather hold you back, no matter what its a good day if you are on the water.

Good fishing,
Captain Jason  

Sept 11th, 2011 Juniata River
56 degrees, water temp: 64 degrees

    After a long night was back on the water at 6:30 am for a half day trip, we fished for bass and these fish are eating non stop , we caught good numbers and numerous fish in the 4 pound range, I also located a good school of walleyes today and saw four muskies, info like that is what I put in my journal for future reference, these fish will hold in these spots year to year around the same time , keeping track of these details will make you a more consistent fisherman.

Good fishing and practice CPR
Captain Jason

Sept 10th, 2011  Juniata River
65 degrees, water temp: 69 degrees

    Today we fished one of my favorite stretches, we put on the water at 6pm and planned to fish till 1am, for some top water action and it was on, we caught some quality fish on blades before dark then switched to top water and caught fish all night but the most excitement came when a 39 inch muskie ate it 10 feet from the boat, it was a great night. 

Good Fishing,
Captain Jason

Sept 9th, 2011  Juniata River
75 degrees, water temp: 70 degrees

    I had Greg Campbell out for a half day trip , I chose to fish a stretch of water that I hadn't fished for a few months, we started a little slow but ended up smoking them with 30 to 40 nice fish and man are they getting fat !!!!! we also hooked up with a small muskie which was a nice bonus for the day.

Good fishing,
Captain Jason

Sept 4th, 2011 Susquehanna River
56 degrees, water temp: 69 degrees

    Fished City Island today in a benefit tournament , fishing was slow with the fishing pressure due to the low water, we had 60 boats and no where to go, there were some good bags of fish but the real prize for the day was the 9600.00 that was raised for the leukemia society.

Captain Jason  

August 25th, 2011  Juniata River
72 degrees, Water temp: 70 degrees

    Took Tom Kline out for a evening of bass fishing, Tom had told me that he wanted to learn to use a bait caster and he wanted to catch a 20 inch bass.
He also mentioned that he hadn't fished for quite a few years. It didn't take him long to learn to use the reel, he was casting to the cover like a pro, I also fished with Tom and we had a great evening landing 40 bass including Toms 20 incher what a evening!!!!! we fished till 9 o'clock and left the fish still eating. check out today's photos in the gallery.

Good Fishing ,
Captain, Jason     

August 24th, 2011   Juniata River
62 degrees, water temp: 71 degrees

    One of my guides and I fished from one of our favorite ramps today. The water was up and stained from recent storms. We smoked the small mouth  bass with the largest being a 4.15 pounder that was 22 inches (WOW)! We landed well over 40 fish with 6 fish over the 19 inch mark. We also hooked a muskie but he threw the hooks.
Check out the new photos from today's trip! The picture with the two bass in it is incredible, the smaller of the two is19 and a quarter inches and weighed 3.4 pounds.  

Good Fishin', and practice CPR
Captain Jason

August 14th, 2011  Susquehanna River
70 degrees, water temp: 77 degrees

    We fished City Island today with great results. We caught 30 to 40 smallies with good numbers of 2+ pounders. The water was stained and the fish were eating blades and cranks. We are coming into the fall season and for many, that means hunting season, but for me, it means big fish !!!!!!! The fish are starting to put on their feed bags and getting FAT.

August 7th, 2011 Susquehanna River
92 degrees, water temp: 82 degrees

    Fished  the middle Susky for walleyes. We put on the water around 5 pm. This area produces some big fish and high numbers for us in the fall. Today the water was stained and we didn't get on any fish. This is why I spend so much time on the water. I learn something every time I am out which helps me put you on the fish. A day on the water is never wasted ,you just have learn from what the day beholds. This also brings up a good point, a fishing journal from your trips can be a great tool! If you start keeping notes from trip to trip and year to year, you will quickly see that there are patterns that will make you a more consistent fisherman.

Good Fishin',
Captain Jason 

August 1st, 2011  Juniata River
90 degrees, water temp: 82 degrees

    Took my nephews out for a wade fish, they are seven and nine and learning to use spinning rods. I put a tiny torpedo on both of their rods and away we went. We fished shallow along the grass and caught 10 or so. We only fished for a hour but what was amazing to me, was how they improved their casting! Wading with kids is a great way to introduce them to the water, this takes away the stress that comes with fishing from a boat, they have all the room in the world to cast and can truly concentrate on their casting accuracy. PA has some of the most accessible waterways to the public in the country, so take a afternoon and take your family wade fishing.

July 31st, 2011 Susquehanna River
56 degrees, water temp: 69 degrees

    Fished the lower Susquehanna today, fishing was super slow there. We fished eight hours throwing blades and crank baits and only landed 20 bass, we did have fish blow up on baits but completely missed the bait. We put a 21.5 inch, 4.42 pound smallie in the boat that made the day better but all in all it was a tough day.

July 30th, 2011 Juniata River
58 degrees, water temp: 69 degrees

    Met at one of my favorite ramps at 6 AM for smallmouth. We smoked them all day with some dandy bass caught out of super shallow water. They were as tight to the banks as they could get, you could see the wakes coming like a freight train, WOW! The biggest of the day was a 21 inch, 4.6 pound smallmouth. We also located some nice muskies today but left them alone.

July 29th, 2011 Juniata River
89 degrees, water temp: 80 degrees

    Went out for the evening to scout some new water, we fished for two hours and caught 25 smallmouth with the biggest being a solid 19 inch fish. With the low clear water, long casts seem to be a must and the fish are tight to the grass.

July 28th, 2011 Juniata River
68 degrees, water temp: 78 degrees

    We put on the water at 5:30am in hopes to pound a few muskies. It was a good morning but with thunderstorms in the forecast. I figured top water would be the ticket and it didn't take long to see it was the right choice. We made one float with no results so we circled back up and a few cast into the second float one blew up about ten feet from the boat, we got hooks in him but he threw the plug a few minutes into the fight, we floated it two more times and the thunderstorms hit so we called the trips for weather.

July 26th, 2011 Juniata River
85 degrees, water temp: 82 degrees

    Put on the water around 5 pm with one of my guides to take advantage of the clear water to locate muskies and walleyes, found a few eyes but they're positions are spotty. The muskies on the other hand, were on cue, We located ten in which four of them were 40 - 48 inches. There seems to be a lot of 30 - 38 inch fish which are a blast to catch.

July 25th, 2011 Juniata River
90+ degrees, water temp: 86 degrees

    Put on at 6AM today, the water is low and clear. I started the morning with blades. Fish were mostly caught on trailer hook because the fish are seeing a little to well. Only put twelve or so in the boat and missed that many more. Once it got too hot, we wade fished with stonecats and caught fifteen to twenty 17" or bigger fish with lots of smaller fish caught in between.

July 24th, 2011 Susquehanna River
90 degrees, water temp: 86 degrees

    Fished Sunbury today and we smoked them all day; spinnerbaits were the ticket with a few coming on crankbaits.  The biggest was a 3.9 lb. smallie but caught lots of them. Located some big muskies today, they are stacking in the summer holes.

July 18th - 19th, 2011 Juniata River
89 degrees, water temp: 84 degrees

    Went camping with my son Garrett, a friend of mine, Jt, and his son Ethan. We fished all weekend. Saturday morning brought 8 smallies, 17 inches or better; blades and top water were the ticket. Saturday afternoon we waded with stonecats and we caught fish none stop. Saturday night we all fished for cats until 1:30 am. We ended up boating 32 fish. The biggest was 28 3/4". Sunday morning Garrett and I went after them with blades and top water again, Jt and Ethan fished stonecats and we all caught fish. What a great weekend!

July 16th, 2011 Susquehanna River
90 degrees, water temp: 84 degrees

    Took my son Garrett and his friend for some action, we started out slow but ended the day with some good numbers. Chase hooked a huge carp that we had to chase down to land! I think if it would've went much longer the carp would have won.

July 14th, 2011 Susquehanna River
90 degrees, water temp: 84 degrees

    Went out to one of my favorite spots and had a great morning. I used spinnerbaits with fish in the 3.5 pound range. I saw three eagles while on the water and saw little fishing pressure.

July 3rd, 2011 Juniata River
85 degrees, water temp: 79 degrees

    Had five young anglers out for the morning, fishing soft-shell crabs for carp and cats. Didn't take long and the drags were singing!! We had a great morning, landing 5 carp and over a dozen cats.

Good fishing and always practice (CPR) Catch - Photo - Release
Captain Jason

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