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Jason Halfpenny

Thank you for your interest in Shallow Water Guide Service. My name is Jason Halfpenny and I grew up around and on the Juniata River in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania.

I started fishing the river with my dad and brother and quickly was hooked on what I could catch next or what was around the next corner of the river. As I got older and continued fishing and boating on the Juniata, I grew to know the river down to the smallest detail. I learned what was biting and where they were. As the years went by, I started to concentrate on bass, muskies, and walleyes and had great success knowing when and where to go to catch them.

I started fishing the Susquehanna River after I purchased my first jet boat in 1995 and quickly found a new piece of fishing heaven.

With my founding of Shallow Water Guide Service, I am sharing my knowledge of these two rivers and their treasure with you.

A day on the river is about more than just catching fish. It's about the peace and tranquility that cannot be found anywhere else. It's the perfect way to forget about your troubles and enjoy what God gave us. The mountain views and wildlife you'll see as we float on the river are simply amazing. You may see eagles, deer, beavers, muskrats, ducks, geese or many other critters that we share the river with.

A day on the river is also a great way to bond with someone close to you by making memories to share together. I have a wife, son, and, daughter that I love to take fishing. The time we spend together on the river is priceless and unforgettable.

Every summer my son and I and two or three of his friends take the boat and tents for a week of camping and fishing. The experiences we have will never be forgotten for many reasons. Whether it's the big fish we catch, or the breathtaking natural scenery we see, or the all night conversations we have together. It is something we'll always hold close.

Let us help you start making your own special memories. Learn more about our trips here.

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